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Sanjay Gupta

Institute: University Hospital Southampton

Country: United Kingdom


I trained at Kings College London Medical School and have worked on staff at University Hospital Southampton since 2006. Jointly accredited in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine my main sub-specialties include Interventional Radiology and major oncological surgery, particularly Hepato-Biliary and Colo-Rectal Surgery.

I am the current Clinical Director of the General Intensive Care unit having led the ICU through our Covid-19 response whilst achieving some of the best outcomes in the country. GICU is a tertiary hospital unit with 40 beds, with over 240 nursing and support staff, 40 junior doctors and 23 consultants.

I have been appointed Clinical Commercial Director for the trust and work closely with the commercial department to provide clinical context in establishing entrepreneurial and industry relationships.

I am lead anaesthesiologist for Delcath Chemosaturation and for liver-directed therapy at Southampton having the largest series of patient experience spanning ten years for uveal melanoma worldwide. I am also an accredited training proctor with Delcath and teach this procedure to centres internationally.

My earlier career included over 21 years with the British Military (till 2010) with numerous deployments where I was Clinical Director of the ICU in our main hospitals Iraq (Shaibah) and Afghanistan (Camp Bastion).

My additional interests include medical technology. I founded the medical app called MICROGUIDE that is currently used by over a hundred and seventy hospitals both in the UK and abroad. Its purpose is to provide bedside decision support to medical staff through mobile devices. As CMO of a med-tech company (Horizon Strategic Partners), I was continually involved in developing new projects on mobile devices.