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Topic Session Title Speaker Name/s
Liver Regenerative liver surgery: Methods to improve the function of a small liver remnant Erik Schadde
Liver regeneration in the treatment of colorectal liver metastasis Per Sandström
The DRAGON trial: Discussion and feedback. (What can improve from LIGRO) Marc Bemelmans / Erik Schadde/ Per Sandström
Preoperative measurement of liver function Joris Erdmann
Gall bladder carcinoma: From bench to bedside Philip de Reuver
Unbiased genetic characterisation of the PSC-CC transition Rachel Guest
Why we need outcome studies in CRC liver metastases surgical research Peter Naredi
Intraoperative ultrasound in liver surgery Gregor Stavrou
Colorectal Liver Metastases: Novel Assessment Tools for Technical Resectability (The CoNoR study) Kat Parmar
ILLS/MIS Liver Robotics vs. laparoscopy for major liver resection: Are we comparing apples and oranges? Alice Wei
Robotic liver surgery Matthew Weiss
Why we needed another association: The story of ILLS Nick O’Rourke
ORANGE SEGMENTS trial presentation Mo Abu Hilal
Pancreas Guidelines on pancreatic cysts Marco del Chiaro
Microbiome and IPMN Peter Allen
Molecular biology in pancreatic cancer (for surgeons!) David Tuveson
Diagnostic and intraoperative targeted molecular imaging for pancreatic cancer Rutger-Jan Swijneburg
Robotic pancreas surgery Quintus Molenaar
Standardising high quality pancreatic surgery across a large healthcare system Matt Weiss
The truth about cancer (for surgeons) David Tuveson
Organoids and cancer Fieke Froeling
Eclectic Mix Is the liver male and the pancreas female? Nick O’Rourke
Surgical innovation: Where we have gone wrong Karen Nugent
Wednesday 5th February Arrivals

Welcome Dinner and Programme Introductions

Thursday 6th February Scientific Programme

Optional event, Mountaintop Party Night

Friday 7th February Scientific Programme

Optional event, Rifugio Stoppani Lunch

Saturday 8th February Scientific Programme

Inclusive event, Farewell Dinner and ALPS 2020 recap

Sunday 9th February Departures
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