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2018 Meeting Programme

Pancreatic Cancer

Chairs:  Merv Rees/Marco Del Chiaro

Time Presentation Presenter
08.00 Stage III pancreatic cancer: What defines resectability? Chris Wolfgang
08.20 Preoperative chemotherapy in stage III pancreatic cancer Peter Allen
08.40 Precision surgery in the age of molecular oncology David Chang
09.00 Surgical approaches to IPMN Peter Allen

Colorectal Liver Metastases

Chairs: Marc Bemelmans/Fenella Welsh

Time Presentation Presenter
17.00 Molecular subtypes in resected colorectal liver metastases Vegar Dagenborg
17.20 Colorectal liver metastasis: Decoding the good, the bad and the ugly Kjetil Søreide
17.40 Animal models of liver regeneration – possibilities and limitation Kim Mortensen

Short Presentations
18.00 Contemporary outcomes after pancreatoduodenectomy in a complete national cohort: short-term morbidity and mortality within a universal healthcare system.  Linn Såve Nymo
18.06 The possibilities for prehabilitation in patients scheduled for liver or pancreatic tumour resection. Laura van Wijk

Guidelines, Trials and Technical Surgery

Chairs: Quintus Molenaar /Keith Roberts

Time Presentation Presenter
08.00 Consensus guidelines for laparoscopic liver surgery Marc Besselink
08.20 Commentary T. Peter Kingham
08.30 IMT2 Giles Toogood
08.45 IRE “assisted” pancreatic surgery David Iannitti
09.00 Minimally invasive versus open distal pancreatectomy (LEOPARD): Multicentre patient-blinded randomised controlled trial Jony van Hilst

Short Presentations
09.10 Predicting the emerging impact of minimally invasive distal pancreatectomy.  Sjors Klompmaker
09.16 Robotic-Assisted ALPPS for ALPS: Technique and Considerations. Michael Passeri
09.22 Determinants of severity in acute pancreatitis – a nationwide multicentre prospective cohort study.  Hanna Sternby
09.28 First results after implementation of ERAS in liver surgery in our centre.  Emma Schepens

Biliary Tract Cancer

Chairs: Ronald Van Dam/Åsmund Fretland

Time Presentation Presenter
17.00 BILCAP trial – results and surgical sub-group analyses John Primrose
17.20 Incidental gallbladder cancer after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: What next? Kjetil Søreide
17.40 Hepatic artery pump trial for unresectable/multifocal intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma T. Peter Kingham

Short Presentations
18.00 Experimental model of bile duct cancer: Expression of cholangiocarcinoma gene markers.  Viktoriya Petrushenko
18.06 TGF-β/EGFR autocrine cross-talk affects EMT process and migration in 3D tissue engineered model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.  Niccola Funel
18.12 Comparative genomic analysis of small well-differentiated PanNETs reveals genetic alterations associated with distant metastases. Antonio Pea
18.18 Characteristics of postoperative pancreatic fistula on abdominal CT-Scan: A multicentre cohort study.  F. Jasmijn Smits
18.24 Macrophage depletion overcomes resistance to immune checkpoint blockade following irradiation in pancreatic cancer.  Keaton Jones
18.30 International validation of the updated ISGPS postoperative pancreatic fistula definition in distal pancreatectomy.  Jony van Hilst

Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Chairs:  Gert Lindell/Ben Cresswell

Time Presentation Presenter
08.00 Optimal systemic therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer Henrik Verheul
08.20 Maximal cytoreduction in metastatic colorectal cancer: The ORCHESTRA trial Elske Gootjes
08.40 Role of phenotyping body composition in patients with colorectal cancer metastases Steven Olde Damink

Short Presentations
09.00 Open versus laparoscopic liver resection for colorectal metastases located in the postero-superior segments: Data from the Oslo-CoMet Trial.  Davit Aghayan
09.06 New molecular diagnostic approaches based on fluorescence microscopy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC): Validation of the prognostic value of CYB5A and of FAD lifetime imaging for margin discrimination. Niccola Funel

Eclectic Mix

Chairs:  James Garden/John Primrose

Time Presentation Presenter
17.00 Altruistic liver donation: Perils and pitfalls Marieke de Boer
17.20 Targeting molecular subtypes of pancreatic cancer Peter Bailey
17.40 Localised pancreatic cancer: Why does resection fail? Chris Wolfgang
18.00 Personalised approach to metastatic colorectal cancer patients T. Peter Kingham
18.20 Behavioural characteristics of high performing surgeons Robert Padbury

Social Programme

Wednesday 31st January

19:30 Arrival and welcome drink
20:00 Dinner at Hotel with “Introduction to ALPS 2018”

Thursday 1st February

19:30 Mountaintop Party at Chalet Fiat (separate booking & payment required). Transfer by bus and cable car. Buses depart promptly from the hotel at 19:00 for those who have pre-registered. Alternative dinner at hotel, inclusive.

Friday 2nd February

13.00 Lunch at Chalet Fiat with Faculty (separate booking and payment required).  Please make your own arrangements to get to Chalet Fiat and arrive promptly at 13.00. Non-skiers should take the Spinale Gondola from Madonna di Campiglio. A hotel bus is available for transport to and from Madonna Di Campiglio.
20:00 Dinner at Hotel

Saturday 3rd February

19:30 Gala Dinner in Baita Restaurant at Hotel. The dress code for this event is smart/casual.

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