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Thursday 1st February

Clinical Trials

Chairs: Marc Bemelmans and Duncan Jodrell

0800 – 0820

PREOPANC-2: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy v chemoradiotherapy in pancreatic cancer

Bas Groot Koerkamp, Rotterdam
0820 – 0840

NorPACT-1: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer

Knut Labori, Oslo
0840 – 0855


Peter Allen, North Carolina
0855 – 0910

PANDORINA: Drain or no drain in pancreatic surgery

Marc Besselink, Amsterdam
0910 – 0930

1600 cases of microwave ablation: what have we learned?

David Iannitti, North Carolina
1630 – 1700

Coffee & Mini Oral Presentations (Screen 1 AB01 – AB04 / Screen 2 AB05 – AB08)

Systemic Therapy

Chairs: Åsmund Fretland and Sian Pugh

1700 – 1720

Precision medicine in early stage biliary cancer

James Harding, New York
1720 – 1745

Neoadjuvant treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

Hop Tran Chao, Houston
1745 – 1805

Systemic therapy in HCC: application to earlier disease stages

James Harding, New York
1805 – 1825

Cancer driver genes and survival in resected biliary tract cancer

Valerie Crolley, London
1825 – 1845

Free papers:

  • FP01 Caro Bruna: Clinical Impact of Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula after Minimally Invasive and Open Pancreatoduodenectomy.
  • FP02 Jony van Hilst: The impact of a terminated randomized controlled trial on nationwide utilization and outcomes of minimally invasive pancreatoduodenectomy.

Friday 2nd February

Surgical Outcomes

Chairs: Peter Naredi and Brock Hewitt

0800 – 0820

Pancreatic fistula – can we predict and prevent it?

Ville Sallinen, Helsinki
0820 – 0840

Perihilar cholangiocarcimoma: can we avoid futile surgery?

Francesca Ratti, Milan
0840 – 0900

Outcomes of resection of colorectal liver metastases: real world data from the Swedish Registry

Bobby Tingstedt, Lund
0900 – 0920

HAI chemotherapy: contemporary outcomes and prognostic signatures

Michael Lidsky, North Carolina
0920 – 0935

Free papers:

  • FP03 Declan McDonnell: Metabolites associated with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a study using NMR analysis adenocarcinoma.
  • FP04 Bhavic Patel: Plasma Extracellular Vesicle MicroRNAs derived from plasma shows differential expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Michael Lidsky, North Carolina
1615 – 1700

Coffee & Mini Oral Presentations (Screen 1 AB09 – AB12 / Screen 2 AB13 – AB15)


Chairs: Gregor Stavrou and Iain Tait

The technology session is kindly sponsored by Perspectum.

1700 – 1720

IORT in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Cristina Ferrone, California
1720 – 1740

Molecular imaging

Ron Heeren, Maastricht
1740 – 1800

How to establish a robotics liver program

Ana Gleisner, Denver
1800 – 1810

The added value of preoperative MRI in colorectal liver metastasis

Åsmund Fretland, Oslo
1810 – 1830

Quantitative MRI and planning liver surgery

Merv Rees, Basingstoke
1830 – 1845

Free papers:

  • FP05 Nabeel Merali: Bile Microbiome Signatures associated with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma compared to Benign Disease: a UK pilot study
  • FP06 Samuel Tingle: Impact of donor liver blood tests on liver transplant outcomes and utilisation: National cohort study

Saturday 3rd February

Education & Training

Chairs: Fenella Welsh and Marielle Coolsen

0800 – 0820

How to write a paper

Steve Wigmore, Edinburgh
0820 – 0840

European HPB Fellowships   

Ernesto Sparrelid, Stockholm
0840 – 0855

A Fellow’s tale.

Giampaolo Perri, Italy
0855 – 0915

A (previous) Fellow’s tale

Amal Suhool, UAE
0910 – 0930

Free Papers:

  • FP07 Balaji Mahendran: The role of the complement system in mediating ischaemic cholangiopathy in DCD liver transplantation 
  • FP08 Keaton Jones: Targeting the host in Pancreatic Cancer: A Novel Combination Therapeutic from Bench to Bedside
  • FP09 Bas Uijterwijk: International multidisciplinary consensus guidelines on the optimal pathology assessment and multidisciplinary pathways of non-pancreatic neoplasms in and around the ampulla of Vater (PERIPAN)
1645 – 1700


Eclectic Mix

Chairs: Merv Rees and John Primrose

1700 – 1715

HPB surgery in wartime

Liudmyla Pererva, Kiev
1715 – 1740

ALPPS 10 years on

Erik Schadde, Lucerne
1740 – 1805

Robotics in HPB surgery: Implementation and access

Alice Wei, New York
1805 – 1830

After saving lives, what about saving a hospital?

Nicolas Demartines, Lausanne
1830 – 1840

Closing Remarks

Marc Bemelmans, Maastricht
Åsmund Fretland, Oslo